We were spiritually dead and stinking in our own sin. Satan had us trapped, locked up, in prison with no hope for escape. But then…

Jesus gave His life for us on the cross. When He rolled away the stone on His own grave, He rolled ours away, too. Death could no longer hold us. We were free but still dead in our sin. But then…

Jesus called our name! He called us, and we responded! The most glorious words in the Bible may be, “the dead man came out” (John 11:44). Our sin could no longer hold us. It had been paid for in full. But then…

We realized we were still in bondage. Alive, but not quite free. When we were dead in sin, Satan had wrapped us up pretty tightly. He tied our hands and feet and veiled our faces. Why?

  • Because with our hands, we do God’s WORK.
  • Because with our feet, we WALK with the Lord.
  • Because with our face, we bear WITNESS to His glory.*

Many of us are alive in Christ but still living as if we were slaves to sin. We keep letting the same old sin tie us up and keep us from our Work, our Walk and our Witness. We’re like Lazarus when he emerged from the tomb…alive but still wearing his grave clothes.

It sometimes takes a long time for us to recognize our freedom, and we often need the help of our godly friends. Share your struggles with those God put around you. They are there for a purpose. God sent them help you get loose from your grave clothes.

Re-read John 11 today with new eyes. You are Lazarus!

* There are at least three important veils in Scripture. Moses wore his veil to hide God’s glory when he came down from the mountain, because the sinful people couldn’t stand the bright holiness of God. But when Jesus died, the veil in the temple was ripped from top to bottom because all could now have access to a holy God through Christ. Satan wants to keep us veiled like Lazarus, but it’s no longer necessary to hide God’s glory.


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  1. wineymomma

    Just wanted to let you know that reading your posts help me stay charged during the week. Thanks so much!


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