Wrong Turns

A friend of mine has a GPS, called the Verizon Navigator.  It helps her when she’s driving around to know how to make it to her destination, and she was excited to get it, because following directions is not one of her spiritual gifts. 

The GPS audibly tells her where to turn and how far to go.  When she first started using it, she was curious to see what it would say if she made a wrong turn.  So she did.

She was half-expecting it to say, “Hey, Stupid!  You made another wrong turn!” but it didn’t.  It simply said, “Recalculating course.”  If she went too far in the wrong direction, it said, “Make the next U-turn.”

It’s a wonderful picture of God’s grace.  When you make wrong turns in life, if you hear, “Hey, Stupid!  You did it again!” it’s not God who’s saying it.  It’s either Satan, or he’s trained you so well that you now do it for him. 

God doesn’t beat us down for our mistakes.  His response to us is, “Recalculating course.”  While His will didn’t involve you making that choice, it’s done can’t be undone.  God replots your path from that point on. 

  • If you got pregnant out of marriage, God says, “Recalculating course.  Provide or find a good home for that baby.”
  • If you married someone who wasn’t a Christian, God says, “Recalculating course.  Be a witness for Me to your spouse.”
  • If you used drugs in high school or college, God says, “Recalculating course.  Minister to others who have made the same mistake.”
  • If you had an affair, God says, “Recalculating course.  Confess and begin to honor your spouse and die to all other choices.”

Whenever we get too far out of God’s will, He says, “Make the next U-turn.”  Repent of the sin that you are in, and turn back toward God.  As soon as you do, He will recalculate your course.

What’s so amazing is that our poor choices never compromise the sovereign will of God.  Mysteriously, miraculously, He accomplishes His complete will no matter what we do.  He allows us to choose, but none of our choices are beyond His ability to redeem them.

He IS an awesome God!  And He’s also a gracious God, but don’t go making wrong turns just to see what He’ll say.



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2 responses to “Wrong Turns

  1. Carrie Howell

    Having experienced many of those examples I am glad to have it pointed out that God allows us to learn and become better people for those “miscalculations”. I have to say I am finding great inspiration from you blogs please continue!

  2. Recalculating course. . . . I love that!

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