Spiritual Oxygen

I’m at a spiritual retreat in Shangri-La, China, this week. It’s at 10,000 feet in mountains in the south part of China, and the air here is pretty thin. Some of the members of my group have really been struggling with altitude sickness, which causes headaches and nausea.

This morning, I woke up with a pretty strong headache and decided I would take advantage of the hotel’s oxygen bar. It’s a type of infirmary where you can sit with oxygen tubes in your nose. I sat for about 30 minutes to give my body what it’s been lacking for several days.

Honestly, I can’t believe this stuff is legal. I feel like hiking up Everest or organizing my sock drawer. Who knew something we take so much for granted could have such an impact on me physically, mentally and emotionally.

And it got me to thinking… Just like our bodies need oxygen to feel good and be a peak performance, our spirit needs its own type of oxygen. Without enough oxygen, our bodies feel sluggish, our thinking is clogged, we feel bummed out. When you’re feeling like that, you don’t feel very spiritual, so it’s important to take care of the physical body.

Similarly, without spiritual oxygen, our spirits deflate. Deflated spirits make walking with God difficult. You don’t feel like praying or going to church or reading your Bible or doing anything else spiritual. Many of us walk around with deflated spirits and don’t even know it. We’ve lived that way so long that it no longer gets our attention.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hook up to a spiritual oxygen bar to reinflate your spirit?  You can.  Hook up the Bible. It may be tough to get started and it may take several doses, but it will restore your spirit and make all the other spiritual disciplines easier.

Spend a few minutes with your Bible today, and you should feel like organizing your sock drawer.



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3 responses to “Spiritual Oxygen

  1. this morning on my way into work i was thinking that maybe you weren’t feeling well because of the altitude. i’m glad you’ve found a fix. oh, and i’m gonna sell your socks.

  2. wineymomma

    I was going to mention that maybe the lack of emails and the lack of oxygen couldn’t possibly be a coincidence!

    He won’t need socks if you buy him a pair of sandals!

  3. LOL!
    I read this thinking “Shangri-La” wow! And then I thought about how great oxygen is, and how fresh the line, “I feel like hiking up Everest or organizing my sock drawer” is, and then I thought about how reading the Bible almost NEVER floats my boat (It’s true), and then I got to M’s comment, “I’m gonna sell your socks,” and I realize how much I love her sense of humor!

    Thanks, guys.

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