Wrong Way

As I got off the plane in Bangkok today, I noticed a man headed the same direction as me who had stepped onto one of those converyor belt walkways.  In Bangkok, these walkways are motion activated, and if you don’t notice the sign, you are sometimes surprised to find when you get on one that it’s going in the opposite direction.

This was this man’s predicament.  The belt started slowly, but it soon picked up speed.  As a result, the man was in effect walking on a treadmill and going absolutely nowhere.  He now had a decision to make.  Would he cut his losses, acknowledge his mistake and get off the walkway?  Nope.  He decided instead to start to jog.  I watched as he jogged a few steps, then resumed walking, then jogged a few steps more.  A good twenty yards behind the rest of us, he finally made it to the end of the walkway totally exhausted.

I am that man sometimes.  I ignore the signs that indicate I’m about to move opposite to God’s will, and I head in the wrong direction anyway.  First, He gently prods me to get me to turn around.  Then, He prods me a little more forcefully.  If I were smart, I would do an about face and let God’s will carry me where He wants me to go.  But I don’t.  I don’t want to admit that I am wrong, or I’m too invested in what I want to do to give in.  So, I pick up speed, and God, being Who He is, typically allows me to make it to the end of my efforts.  But when I get there, I’m so totally exhausted and frustrated that I have to acknowledge that it would have been better just to do it His way.

I have to admit that I laughed a little about the man struggling on the walkway.  But I think I was really laughing at myself.  I’ve been on that walkway so many times it ought to bear my name.


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  1. mike

    Yes but at least he got a good work out!!

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