It’s Not Gone Till God Says It’s Gone

Just finished an international dinner party with people from the U.S., Thailand and Mongolia. We were celebrating the success of a leg operation for a young boy named Zoloo.

A month ago, Zoloo’s mom had been told by his Mongolian doctors that he had cancer in the upper bone of one of his legs. There was nothing to do but amputate. But through a series of events that only God could have arranged, several ministries partnered with the local Mongolian church and flew Zoloo to Chiang Mai, Thailand, for a second opinion. There it was discovered that the cancer diagnosis was false and likely owing to the part of the bone biopsied the first time.

Two days after the updated diagnosis, Zoloo had surgery to repair the bone in his leg. A benign tumor needed to be removed, and a cyst needed to be filled with synthetic bone matter. A temporary metal rod was installed to add strength while the bone heals and grows. I’m happy to say that a day after the surgery, Zoloo was able to walk with the help of crutches. One leg that had been shorter than the other was restored to its full length, and Zoloo gets to keep his leg.

Satan told Zoloo’s family that his leg was gone. Truth be known, that’s not the worst thing that could ever happen to someone. Zoloo would have continued living. He could have continued to have a happy life. His amputation might have even given him a ministry in God’s Kingdom. But Zoloo’s family knew better than to give up based on the report of their Enemy. When they asked God about the leg, He told them that there was still hope, and then He brought all the pieces together to turn that hope into reality.

As I thought about this good work today, I was reminded that Satan will often try to discourage us by telling us that something important is gone. But it’s not really gone till God says it’s gone!

In 1 Samuel 30, Satan told David and his army, “Your wives an your children are GONE! Stolen by the Amalekites! Lost forever!” (That’s not a direct quote, by the way.) But David asked God, and God told him that there was hope. David and his men tracked down the Amalekites and totally destroyed them. Their wives and children were safe.

In 2 Kings 6, Satan tells a prophet that the ax head that he borrowed from a friend was gone, but the prophet asked Elisha what God had to say, and God said there was hope. Elisha tossed a stick into the Jordan where the ax head fell, and the ax head floated to the surface.

In the next chapter, Satan told the king of Israel that the kingdom was gone, but Elisha asked God and learned that there was hope. The next day, the invading Aramean army completely disappeared, leaving all their supplies, their gold, their clothes, and their horses and donkeys.

In Luke 22, Satan told Peter that his call to leadership was gone after he denied knowing his friend and Savior three times, but in John 21, Jesus restored Peter to his leadership position.

And in John 19, Satan told all the believers that their Savior was gone, but in John 20, God showed them an empty tomb.  Ironically, Jesus really was…gone!  Just not in the way Satan had advertised.

Are you missing something important?  Check the source of your information.  It’s not gone till God says it’s gone!


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