God’s Greatest Evangelism Tool

It’s so simple, it’s often overlooked. The family is God’s greatest evangelism tool.

You don’t have to travel to a foreign land to evangelize. If you’re a parent, you’ve got the most important evangelism mission right in front of you. It’s your children. They are more important than any other ministry you could be involved in. Whatever else you do in life pales in comparison to your responsibility to give your kids a firm foundation for their faith.

Children whose parents are authentic followers of Christ grow up to be authentic followers of Christ. By authentic, I mean, you’ve got to walk your talk. You can’t be a “Second-Chair Christian.” You can’t keep Jesus in a closet that you open up on Sundays. Your faith has to permeate your daily life every day. If you just play “Christian,” you’ll do more damage to your kids than if you had no faith at all.

The lesson from the parable of the talents applies here. Our children are not ours. God has entrusted them to us for a time. We are simply stewards of these precious lives. When our Master returns, will He find that we have been faithful with the trust He placed in us? Will we be able to tell Him that we have invested in their spiritual growth and reaped an increase? Or will our children be lost to Him, because we claimed to be what we are not? …or because we invested in other ministries that seemed so important in the moment?

If every Christian parent made raising godly children his or her number one priority, the Kingdom would advance, and the gates of Hell could not resist it.

Happy Mothers’ Day, moms! Yours is a strategic and essential ministry in God’s plan.

Dedicated to the mom that blesses our children every day.  I love you, Moni!



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5 responses to “God’s Greatest Evangelism Tool

  1. Beautifully said – it is through loving parents that God manifests himself to children. Happy Mother’s day!


    Thanks, Dr. Paul. I visited your site, and I appreciate your ministry. More blessings to you for the work you are doing!


  2. Carrie

    what a nice picture of your beautiful wife!

  3. trish

    You have the best wife and sooo beautiful!

  4. Ain’t it? I have to sneak around with the camera to get pictures of her, ’cause she won’t usually let me take them. But she’s so pretty I ought to get to do it more often, I think.

  5. i think one every 10 yrs is enough! so maybe 2018 you can take another.

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