Walking With God: A Dramedy

[MICHAEL and GOD enter.  They are walking together….sort of.  MICHAEL is in front.]

MICHAEL: “Hey, God.  Where are we going?  It sure is taking a long time.”

GOD: “I’ll show you when it’s time.  You’re not ready yet.”

MICHAEL: [Flash of inspiration] “Oh!  I know!  We’re headed to a place where I’m going to be really important and where people will all want to hear what I have to say and where I’ll never have to worry about money again!”

GOD: “Slow down a little.  You’re getting ahead of Me.  That’s not quite what I had in mind.”

MICHAEL: “But God, You’re the one who made me.  You gave me a passion for teaching and for writing.  Why did You give me those things if You weren’t going to let me use them?”

GOD: “You’re using them now, aren’t you?”

MICHAEL: “Well….yes, but I thought I would get to use them, well, you know….bigger.”

GOD: “Possibly, but you’ve got to show me how you handle small things before I will trust you with bigger things.”

MICHAEL: [Flash of inspiration] “Oh!  I know!  I’ll write a book!  That’s big!”  [Runs off to write book.]

GOD: “Hold on, what makes you think I want you to write a book?  ….Michael?  ….Michael?”

MICHAEL: [Returns, panting.]Here….here…here it is God!  A book!  I wrote a book for You!”

GOD: “That’s nice of you to go to all that trouble, but I didn’t ask you to write a book for Me.  I think you wrote it for you.”

MICHAEL: “So, You’re not going to use it?”

GOD: “I might, but it will probably work better if you quit holding it so tightly.  If you really wrote it for Me, why don’t you let Me have it?”

MICHAEL: “Awww, okay.  I guess You can have it…..Hey!  I just thought of something else big that I can do for You!”

GOD: “Michael…”

MICHAEL: “This will be even bigger than the book!  Wow!  I can’t wait to get started!”

GOD: “Michael…”

MICHAEL: “Huh?  Oh, yeah, God, what do You need?  I’m a little busy planning this next project.”

GOD: “You’re getting ahead of Me again.  I love it that you have all these great ideas, but you need to slow down and walk at my pace for awhile.”

MICHAEL: [Deflated] “But, God…I just don’t feel like anything is happening!  Why can’t we go faster?”

GOD: “It may not seem like anything is happening, but there’s a lot of work to be done before you are ready to do the big things.  You could say I’m doing some interior decorating in your heart.  It’s a mess in there!”

MICHAEL: “Really?  What’s wrong with it?”

GOD: “Too much stuff, first of all.  There’s a lot of junk in here I never approved.  You should have talked to Me before you had it delivered.”

MICHAEL: “Sorry.  I kinda knew You would say, “no,” so I didn’t ask.”

GOD: “Well, after I get all that cleaned out, then I’ve got to reorganize what’s left so that it’s all in the right order.”

MICHAEL: “How long is that going to take?”

GOD: “It would go a lot faster if you would stop running off to do things I didn’t ask you to do.  The more time you spend with Me, the faster I’ll be able to get this place fixed up.”

MICHAEL: [Sighs.] “Alright.  I’ll wait, but this patience thing is hard….Uh….Hmmm….Oh! Hey!  Have You done anything with that book yet?”

GOD: “I thought we agreed you were going to let go of it.”

MICHAEL: “Yeah, but I thought You would have done something with it by now.  Want me to go show it around?” [Starts to leave with book.]

GOD: “Michael…”

[Characters exit.]



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5 responses to “Walking With God: A Dramedy

  1. Carrie

    another great post! we are all in such a hurry (myself included) we dont listen to what God is saying then we go out on our own and mess it up. the hardest thing I ever do is turn it over to God and then wait to see what He says. we are always telling our children to slow down, they have the rest of their lives, yet we want them to be grown ups now. we need to follow our own advice to be examples.

  2. preach it, sista! Time we take some of our own medicine!

  3. Graham

    your best yet!

    they keep getting better – especially the transparent ones from your heart… i like those ones.

  4. mike

    hey does act two have God telling Michael not to move to a third world country? 🙂

  5. Yes, whatever you do, don’t move to a third world country.

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