Man and the Moon

I was taking a walk the other day, and I noticed how bright the moon was. (“How bright was it?”) It was so bright that it had a giant ring of reflected light around it. It was pumping some serious wattage.

My son’s favorite t-shirt says, “Be the moon” on the front and on the back, “Reflect the Son.” It’s a great picture of our role within the world. The moon, we know, emits no light of its own. In fact, it’s really a big, dead, gray rock. But on clear nights, the moon can sometimes be so bright that you can see clearly by the light it reflects.

Our role as believers is just like the moon’s as a satellite. We have no light of our own, but it’s our job to shine light into dark places. We live in bodies that are dead with sin, but our spirits are alive in Christ. When we walk with Him, His light reflects off of us in a way that the whole world can see. They don’t always know where the light is coming from, but it at least makes them curious.

Sometimes we make the mistake of confusing our ability to reflect light with an ability to emit light. We think the impact we are having on others for Christ actually originated with us, and we get proud of the number of people we’ve led to Christ or the inspiration someone got from something we said. But without Christ, we’ve got nothing. Without Him, we are just a dark, dead piece of orbiting green cheese.

We all run the risk of allowing the World to get between us and the Son. If it does, our ability to reflect His light is diminished. The more we allow the World to come between us and Jesus, the less light we will reflect, and if we continue to live like the World, there will be a total eclipse of the Son’s reflection in our lives.  Even worse for us, we won’t be able to see the Son any longer, because the things of the World will block Him out.

If we understand where the moon gets its light, then we know that the moon serves as a reminder.  When the sun goes away at night, the moon reminds us that the sun is only gone for a little while before it returns. And isn’t that really what we are supposed to be about?  The Church didn’t exist until Jesus rose again.  He left us here to remind the World that He is coming back.  But we can’t let the things of this World block our light.

In Genesis 1:16, it says, “God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night.”  How are we doing?



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3 responses to “Man and the Moon

  1. Papaw Mike

    You must have been looking at the same moon we were just looking at last night. Hard to believe that it 8:30am here & 8:30pm there. What did the stock mkt do today or where did oil prices end up at today. You should be able to answer that since today is almost finished there. Or maybe it’s tomorrow already or maybe it’s yesterday where you are? But I’m bettin’ it’s today but just a bunch of hours later than it is here.

    Great right up today – oh, I mean yesterday. Enjoy reading your thoughts.

    I’m so confused about your comment that I’m not sure how to answer. Buy low, sell high.

  2. maegen

    I was encouraged to hear your thoughts about the t-shirt I designed for Know Him many years ago. I googled “Be the Moon, Reflect the Son” to see if it had made an impact and found your site. The T-shirt was inspired many years ago when I asked the Lord for a vision for my life. I felt the Lord said, “Look up” and the sky was dark (respresented the sin in the world) and the stars twinkled (represented all those shining in their own glory) but I felt like the Lord said, “I’ve called you to be like the moon.” The moon was full of light and a rainbow silhoutte was around it. I felt like that was His promise that he would never leave me nor forsake me. I looked up every verse in the Bible about the moon. It called the moon a Faithful Witness in the sky (Psalms 89:37). In Relevation 1:5 Jesus is referenced as the Faithful Witness. I realized when He was telling me to be the moon, he was telling me to be like Jesus. This is not only my vision but the vision for the church. We are to be his shining pearl in the sky!


    This is SO cool! I can’t believe I got a comment from the person who designed the shirt! It’s my son’s favorite. He wears it all the time, and it’s such a good testimony. His friends ask him about what it means all the time, and it gives him an opportunity to share his beliefs. Thank you for the metaphor!


  3. Michael,
    Maegen had e-mailed me on her shirt being used as a tool for your teaching. If you or your readers are interesed in the shirt, it can be found at:


    Thanks, Doug! Very cool…that’s the very same shirt (my son was wearing it today even – might need to get a few extras before he wears this one out.)


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