Like Pulling Teeth

My daughter’s front two teeth were loose once when she was six, but she wouldn’t let us pull them. They were blocking the progress of her adult teeth, and we were worried that they might cause the permanent teeth to come in incorrectly.

I tried offering different methods of pulling the teeth, from eating an apple to a warm washcloth to a string of dental floss looped around them. For brief moments, she would agree to the pulling, but when we sat down to do it, she always shied away from the procedure.

I tried offering increasingly attractive incentives, starting at a quarter and moving up to a toy shopping spree. They all sounded good to her in the beginning, but her fear got the best of her when we sat down to pull the teeth. It didn’t matter what the reward was, she couldn’t bring herself to let me pull them.

Eventually, the teeth fell out by accident. Same result but no reward.

The whole ordeal reminds me of how I sometimes am with God. He shows me what He wants me to do, but it’s really scary. When I’ve got my eyes on the blessings that following Him will bring me, I’m excited and motivated to do it. But as I get closer to the edge, my fear overcomes me, and I no longer have the courage to follow through.

However, the longer I wait to do God’s will, the less of a blessing I’ll get. The best blessing comes when He shows us, and we do it immediately – without question. It’s not as good if I ask for a sign first. It’s even less of a blessing if I ask for multiple signs. Eventually, God will do His will without me.

Same result but no reward for me.

What a shame. God wants to bless us by using us to accomplish His work, but He’s got limitless other ways to get it done. He won’t wait on us forever. The time to drop everything is when He first says, “Follow me.”

What has He called you to do that you are not doing? God will accomplish it with or without you. Swallow your fear and follow.


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One response to “Like Pulling Teeth

  1. it matters not what you do, but how you do it. follow me and follow my methods.

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