Yes, But…

For a kernel of wheat to produce more wheat, it has to fall to the ground and die.  If it doesn’t, it stays only a single seed.  But if it dies, it grows and produces many seeds.

For us to grow, there is often a stubborn part of us that must die first.  It’s that part of us that is constantly saying, “yes, but…”

  • Yes, I know I should stop that bad habit, but what you don’t understand is…”
  • Yes, I ought to take a step toward my goal, but I don’t have enough…”
  • Yes, I want to improve in that area, but I have to do (something else) first.”
  • Yes, I should do that, but no one else is doing it.”

While any of these excuses might be convincing reasons for not doing what you need to do, it’s still an excuse.  You might feel better about your inaction, but that won’t move you any closer to your goals.  Don’t give a stubborn excuse more influence than it deserves.  Put it to death quickly and get growing.


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One response to “Yes, But…

  1. successforrealpeople

    You are absolutely right! Great post!



    Thanks, Denise! Enjoyed your blog….some encouraging and challenging posts!


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