Something Special

I once managed a call center, and we employed many colorful personalities to answer the phones.  One day, I walked up to the cubicle where a representative named Roz was sitting.  Pinned to the cubicle wall next to her and right at her eye-level was an 8″x10″ glossy glamour shot of herself.  I waited until she finished her call and then asked, “Roz, what on earth is that?”

She looked at the photo and then at me and said, “Michael, you’ve got to surround yourself with the ones you love!”

I loved Roz.  She was completely self-absorbed, but she knew she was self-absorbed and never tried to pretend that she was anything different.  And she had the right idea.  We should love ourselves.  Not to the point of narcissism but to the point of a healthy self-love that recognizes that we are created in God’s own image.  Remember, when Jesus told us to love our neighbor, He said to love him as we love ourselves.

God doesn’t make junk; He makes masterpieces.  Each one of us is a unique masterpiece of His creation.  Demeaning and defeating self-talk and the accusing lies of the Enemy are all are aimed at discrediting the work of  God’s hand.  We shouldn’t tolerate them for even a moment.

Give yourself permission to love yourself.  You’re awesome!  You’re wonderful!  Jesus loved you so much He went to the cross for you.  You must be something special!


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