Lay Down Your Burden

Two monks walked along a muddy, rain-drenched road, they came upon a lovely woman attempting to cross a large mud puddle.  The elder monk stopped beside the woman, lifted her in his arms and carried her across the puddle.  He set her gently down on the dry ridge of the road as the younger monk discreetly admired her charms.

After bowing politely to the woman, the two monks continued down the muddy road.  The younger monk was sullen and silent as they walked along.  They traveled over the hills, down around the valleys, through a town and under forest trees.  At last, after many hours had passed, the younger monk scolded the elder, “You are aware that we monks do not touch women!  Why did you carry that girl?”

The elder monk slowly turned and smiled.  He said, “My dear young brother, you have such heavy thoughts!  I left the woman alongside the road hours ago.  Why are you still carrying her?”

The story reminds me that sometimes we continue to carry burdens that others have already put down and walked away from.  If you are holding a grudge or resentment against someone else, consider what it is costing you.  Consider the mental and emotional energy you expend holding someone accountable for a wrong they did you some time in the past.  And then ask yourself, “How much mental and emotional energy is the other person spending on this issue?”  (Do they even remember it?)

Think of it this way… “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”  (Cindy Clabough)

It’s time to lay down your burden.

(Story Source – Forest, Heather, Wisdom Tales from Around the World, August House)



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    are you talking to me

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