My name is Michael Kientz, and I currently make my living working with a ministry that serves poor children throughout the world.  God’s calling on my life is to work with children and to develop leaders.  Sometimes He allows me to do both at the same time.  Those are good days.

I have a wonderful wife of 17 years and counting, and we are raising three incredible kids who teach me more about leadership than anyone else.  All three were saved from death by God’s grace (our little girl twice), and I’m convinced He has a unique purpose for each of them.

In my blog, you’ll find the lessons I’m learning as I’m learning them.  They are lessons about leadership and spirituality.  I’ll share my warts, because I really can’t stand “perfect people.”  They are intimidating and less than real.  Real people have warts, and if we were more willing to share them with each other, the world would be a better place.

I trust in Jesus Christ as my Lord and my Savior, so you’ll see evidence of that relationship in my posts.  I hope that even if you don’t agree with my spiritual views, you will still read on and comment.  Maybe we can learn from each other.

God bless you.  Thanks for reading.

Michael – michaelkientz@gmail.com


7 responses to “About

  1. Hi I tagged you.. 7 random things about you.. 🙂 have fun.. i do fear that tagging might be similar to jamming up peoples in boxes with forwarded emails. but it’s the first time i’ve been tagged and now i feel like i’m part of the cool group. when really, i’m probably part of the dorky group.

  2. Larry Looker


    Thanks for continuing to provide your wisdom and well-written articles. You are blessed with so many talents. I plan on sharing your advice on lowering expectations with my 30 yr. old son who can use some of your wisdom.



  3. Thanks, Larry. You ought to get in on this blogging thing. It’s great for keeping up with folks you’re too busy (lazy) to call.

  4. ama49

    I like your purpose. I see someone commented on lowering expectations. I just commented on someone else’s blog about this and was going to write a post on “What does God expect of Us vs. what do we think God expects of us.”

    Anyways, I like your blog and will add it to my site under the “Evangelical” section. My purpose is the same as yours is. I share my experiences as I grow line upon line and grace for grace.


  5. Michael Cannady

    I am filling out articles of incorperation for a non profit ministry today. I do not know how I got to your website except through the Lord. I saw where you wrote the story about you and God, thats me. I have learned to wait on the Lord. I have been waiting 3 years for him to let me do the work he had for me. This January He let me know it is time. My calling is to help build up Christians in our communities to have a community for Christ. My ministry is based on Nehemiah. Gate Builder Ministries. Only when we build up our relationship with Jesus, humble ourselves, Pray, and turn from our wicked ways will He here from heaven and heal our land II Chron. 7:14 This journey I am on is not easy. The churches in the south our single minded and very territorial but God is the one that does the work not me. The economy and the election I feel will bring our nation to a climax that the people will see the need for the one true God. He will have to bring us down to lift us up.

    In Jesus
    Mike Cannady

  6. I really enjoy what you wrote about bamboo the warts,your absolutely right on both accounts. Our Pastors we’re talking about bamboo in church today,but something they we’re saying didn’t add up because I had watch a show not to long ago about bamboo so I decided to check it out for myself. So I asked God to show me and help me find where to look,that’s when I came across you and what you write,it’s know accident that your a Christian.whether their Pastors or not if something doesn’t sound right I owe it to myself to check things out,so I went by the leading of the Holy Spirit, and I was right.most of what they we’re saying was right, but a very important part they we’re saying was all wrong,and as a Christian I owe it to myself to check things out when it seems to be a misted. Thank you for your words,God bless you and your family. Love in Jesus.

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