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Clawing Your Way Out

Put a single crab in a bucket, and it’s likely to crawl out. Experienced crab fishermen know that if you put two or more crabs in the bucket, none of them will escape.

Why?  Because whenever one of the crabs tries to escape, the other crabs will instinctively reach up and pull it back down.

People can be a lot like the crabs in the bucket.  When some people see another person trying to make something of themselves, they try to sabotage their efforts. They can’t stand to see someone else get ahead. Another person’s success reminds them of their lack of success, so they reach up and grab a foot.

When you try to improve yourself and climb up out of the bucket you’re in, you’re going to experience opposition…..guaranteed.  Many of those crabs in the bottom of the bucket (your peers, your friends, your family members…) have a vested interest in keeping you there.  If you climb out, they start to get lonely.  Remember, misery loves company.

Worse, your escape is a reminder to them that they actually have some control over their own situation.  Ironically, this is bad news, because they really don’t want to take control.  It’s much easier and much more comfortable to stay in the bottom of the bucket and complain.

From the bottom of the bucket, they can blame all the people and circumstances that are responsible for their unhappy condition.  They can criticize the efforts of the crabs who are trying to climb out of the bucket for thinking that they are better than everyone else.  They can spread gossip and negative seeds about the crabs that believe they can escape.

What a shame!  All this lose-lose behavior is such a waste.  While the crabs in the bottom do their best to hold everyone down they totally miss the fact that they could all get free if they would let the crabs who crawl out reach back and pull them up!

If you’ve made it out already, remember to lend a claw.  If you’re still in the bottom of the bucket, keep your claws to yourself!



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One-Up; One-Down

There is a game I hate to play.
It does my selfish heart betray
And leads me from my walk to stray
Along a mean and judging way.

“One-Up; One-Down” is the name
Of this universal game,
And it deserves to take the blame
For what should be the Christian’s shame.

It’s played when you first meet a man
And let your eyes his appearance scan
To compare him to you so you can
Answer the doubt, “More or less than?”

“Am I better, or am I worse?”
“Oh, I have got a better purse!”
“And she always speaks so terse!”
“Those kids of hers are such a curse!”

“That’s three for me and none for her.”
“I think I’ve won, but I’m not sure.”
“Her job I really do prefer.”
“And she owns an expensive fur.”

Who could ever win this sport?
One Referee lends strong support,
So players struggle to abort.
We’re playing on the Devil’s court.

He prefers we never win
But just play over and over again,
And to his face it brings a grin
To see us giving in to sin.

For God would have us love each other
And not assess our earthly brother,
For with our weighing we do smother
Our calling to selflessly serve another.

Repent, repent! And do it quick!
Don’t be deceived by Satan’s trick!
This game is evil, and if you pick
It only makes your spirit sick.

Choose for yourself not to compare,
But treat each person with such care
That they will think you very rare,
And you will answer your Lord’s prayer.

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