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A Tale of Two Brothers

Dr. Hans Selye, a pioneer in helping us understand stress, once told a story about two boys who grew up in the same home with an alcoholic and abusive father.  Adulthood took them down separate paths with differing priorities and life decisions.

Many years later, both men participated in the same psychological study, though each did it separately.  In-depth interviews with each one showed just how different they had become.  One would have nothing to do with alcohol and had become an upstanding and well-respected citizen in his community.  The other had followed his father’s example and become an alcoholic with a path of destruction in his wake.

When asked what factors influenced each brother’s lifestyle, both men returned the same answer, “What else would you expect when you have a father like mine?”

It’s not what happened to you; it’s how you responded to what happened to you that has created the person that you have become.  Have you chosen to become the victim or the victor?

If you chose the victim’s role, the sooner you accept accountability for your choices, the sooner you will begin to heal.  Blame and resentment over what happened to you only gives the other person or thing a never-ending supply of power over your life.  If you chose the victor’s role, then you undoubtedly know the truth behind the maxim, “That which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

Life has many things to teach us, but we have to show up ready to learn.


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No Waiting

What are we waiting for?  Some Christians treat Earth like it’s a waiting room for Heaven.  Too many of us are sitting around waiting for our name to be called.  We take comfort in the knowledge that the Great Physician knows we are here.  We think we just need to mind our own business and keep our heads down in our magazines until it’s time for our appointment.  But Earth isn’t a waiting room; it’s a clinic.

We are supposed to be engaged in the care and healing of the soul sick.  When all we are doing is waiting to be called home, we are taking up useful space.  If God didn’t intend for us to help others, He could have just taken us straight to heaven as soon as we gave our hearts to Him.  But He didn’t.  So He must have work left for us to do.

Being unqualified is not an excuse.  Of course we don’t know what we are doing.  God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called.  He gives us on-the-job training.  His strength is made perfect in our weakness, in our ignorance, in our inexperience…even in our mistakes.  Besides, we’re not responsible for the cure – only for the loving and unconditional care for the patient.  Some will respond, and some won’t.  The Doctor knows.

All we have to do is to show up ready to assist as the Great Physician prepares to do open heart surgery on a sick and hurting world.  We can’t help much from the waiting room, so let’s scrub up and join Him in His work.

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