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Trust Walk

At summer camp each year, we end our week with the kids with an activity called a “Trust Walk,” where we blindfold them and lead them by the hand around the camp, providing an example of how Jesus leads us through life when we put our trust in Him. My first year, I led my two campers in and out of trees, up a hill and finally to a place where they could sit. After removing their blindfolds, I pointed out the obstacles that we had come through. Then, it was their turn to lead me.

My entire face covered with handkerchiefs and a child holding each hand, I worried just a little bit about what I might have done to an unsuspecting adult guide had I been the eight-year-old boy in this situation on the last day of camp . . . I think they led me over about three-quarters of the camp before telling me that I could sit down. I felt around the ground until I found a rock to sit on, and then I pulled off my blindfold and looked around. My kids had led me to a six-foot, brown wooden cross in the wooded area of the camp.

My first thought was, “Yes! They got it!” Somehow, they had silently agreed that this was the spot where they would lead me. They recognized that the cross was important, even if they didn’t know exactly how important. I had decided earlier in the week to just let the Holy Spirit do His work in His time, and I felt incredibly blessed just to witness the planting of seeds in their hearts.

Immediately on top of that thought, the Holy Spirit showed me that all week, I had been spending time with these children, loving them and praying for them, hoping to lead them to the Cross. And although I didn’t realize it until just that moment, at the same time, God had been with me and loving me, and He was using these children to lead me closer to the Cross. As I sat on a rock at the bottom of that tall, wooden cross, I knew Jesus in a way that I had never know Him before. He touched my heart through two beautiful children and showed me the joy of joining God where He is working. That’s living!


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